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Excitingly New


2008 hopefully will be a year that (if everything goes fine) should be excellent year for new album releases.Which means
a whole set of new cd’s which will come in my possession.

Here I will list all the artist whose albums I am personally looking forward to buy as per my expectations that  these albums will be released within the year.

Atif started out the year brilliantly with his Meri Kahani release. The songs Meri Kahani, Kapkapi etc.
Ahmed Jehanzebs  album has to be the longest awaited album. I still listen to Parastish (which was his first and only release )with the same interest today as I used to ,when the album came out first.

Mizraab- Faraz Anwar goes scopier  with his new album as Maazi Haal Mustaqbil wasn’t dissolved well by the Pakistani
audience due to the fact that the music was not in- your- face melody which most Pakistanis could have related too.

Call- With their Hum Say Hai zamaana track, concerts would echo with the chorus if the audience co-operates.

Mauj- I have heard most of the tracks of their album and can easily say that they will have all good tracks in their album.
Maujs’ style of music  is  non-conventional  with the lyrics and the tunes.

Strings- The oldest ( if we look at the number of years) band of Pakistan. With sensible lyrics penned by Anwar Maqsood
and string-y sounds, the albums are worthy enough to be included in ones music collection.

Faakhir-  I call Faakhir as the melody master.He is the true prince of pop. With fresh vocals and hummable tunes his
songs are as soft as a soul of a feather.

If all these albums get released this year I can easily stretch them ( along with the older albums  which I have)  into
the year 2010.


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Excitingly New

  1. Yeah I could , The Muzik or Aag, Mtv pakistan , are you listening?

    Maybe my face just ain’t vj material.

  2. it’s not the face.. it’s the style.. and faqir is gay

  3. the only thing I know is that he is married and secondly that his music is, as is the term, bubblegum pop.

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