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Na Kaho


Does anyone know what Haider ,the current guitarist in Aaroh, is doing in the video of Na Kaho?
Na kaho,being  a track from the first album in which Nabeel is supposed to be the guitarist.


Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “Na Kaho

  1. Coz nabeel was kicked out waaay before Na Kaho was released and moreover Na Kaho was actually Nabeel’s rough creation tht was indeed stolen by Aaroh.

  2. Aaroh didn’t steal Nabeels song , Nabeel was a part of Aaroh when the first album came out, and Na Kaho
    IS from the first album.

    The only possible answer of Haiders presence in the video is that the video was made after Haider joined .

  3. So its clear Haider is just a subsitute. Ryt!!

  4. Na kaho was a rough creation by nabeel nihal originall composition done by him and according him this was an instrumental that he have to change into a song for the album in hurry..

    and plus what would you say to this that the original song is composed by Nabil n later someone else is joing the band n just moving his hands over nabil’s riffs n pretending it to be his…
    haider is a subsitute he dnt know shit bout NA kAho.

  5. Nabeel fans,are we?

    Although the new album isn’t as classy as the first album but still the second album couldn’t have been possible without haider since he wrote most of the lyrics and made the compositions.
    And I consider Haider to be quite a good player.

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