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What Happened?


I did mention about the opening of Krispy Kreme but didn’t give a verdict on their doughnuts.
Before opening Krispy Kreme also embarked upon a free  doughnuts distribution scheme handing out
1/2 dozen plain doughnuts in companies and schools.

Now I’ve eaten their doughnuts twice so far but I am rather sorry to say that they fail to tingle my
taste buds ,Dunkin  Donuts  was successful in that. Dunkin Donuts also has more variety  and a tastier
cream filling.

Maybe in other countries KK has a better taste but in Qatar they lack the necessary knack.

I am not going to be spending any more money eating from Krispy Kreme.


Author: Hani

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3 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. I agree the dunkins in Pakistan is better than krispy kreme here. I tried their plain cake type of donut and it was too dry

  2. it’s a battle i struggle with every morning when i’m looking for a fresh doughnut to put my bloodsuger out the roof! i have been raised with DD and though here in the Northeast (USA) DD is EVERYWHERE, having a KK doughnut was a nice and different experience. i always thought that the actual dooughnut of KK was of better quality, BUT DD is a much older company with a tried and true variety of doughnuts that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. ok, i love them both….

    too bad for kk. they should have managed their expansion/company better… they blew up big and are now dealing with the consequences of bad business management. regardless, i have a sweet tooth and i will give any doughnut joint a try!


    lush bhabi

  3. thanks to both of you for seconding my view

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