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Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Sherdil

  1. Sherdil is a pathetic drama by all standards… no direction, no story, senseless love affair, bad officer selection (especially that AVM and the Aircommodore) for such a storyline, lame cadet selection (that singer’s lame dialogue delivery is bringing a bad name to the PAF standards) and doesnt emphasize on values of PAF. A cadet lies and escapes… lady cadet inspired by male cadets aka topgun.

    Alpha Bravo Charlie, Shahper, Sunehray Din are centuries ahead of this lame duck ARY production.

  2. Well coming to think of it Kash, you are sort of right, the production standard isn’t that high at all. And my expectations weren’t met.One thing which I’ve come to terms with is that Arys production quality is not up to
    the mark with todays times at all.
    It is very hard to match ABCs excellence.

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