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I was looking over my blog stats the other day and found out a saddening measure.None of my posts related to
musical artists or songs were in top 10 reads.

From the work that is being done in the Pakistani music industry, we have artists who are worthy enough to get global
recognition but that is only possible if we are honest and faithful in promoting our own artists first which is not evident from the statistics on my blog.

And for people who comment on Pakistani Artists making songs written in English, well this is the way they can be understood by
people around the world, people have to understand the words in the song in order to connect ,otherwise the tune has to be ultra catchy.

So listen to the Paksitani bands and their music in english,it is better than you consider it to be. Here is an english track
by a very much Pakistani artist/band for you to listen to

Dye Corduroy


Author: Hani

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8 thoughts on “MusicalDeficit

  1. Dye corduroy….!!!
    listened to it once and from then have been clinging on to it…

  2. Sana,it’s great to know that you like Dye Corduroy.
    But is this the track that you listened to?
    There are some extra ordinary tracks made by Dye Corduroy
    you can go to to listen to a few other songs and tell me how you like them.

  3. No..i listened to A Fools Recall at the RMS….i was there..

  4. My Oh My,you sure are a lucky person!
    {and a much older (time wise and age wise) fan of Dye Corduroy}I truly want to see Adil play live, his talent is so unrecognized.

    Adil for me is the most talented musician ever,with his alternative lyrics and guitar playing
    for me the western bands aren’t good enough and maybe Adil doesn’t realize this himself.
    You foreign record companies with pathetic artists,Wake Up!
    Departure,Rushk Mein Hoon, Mahaaz , Doosra Jahan,sunspot blanket and many more.Adil doesn’t have any competition.

    Hardly 2% of the people in Pakistan would know about him.If he was the
    citizen/resident of another country Iam sure he would have been widely acknowledged.

  5. gimme atif anytime! dont get me wrong…am no die hard fan of his – but from all the paki singers, he’s the only one that has caught my ear – and his concerts are just mind blowing. currently hooked on his race wala gaana. but hated his hungami halaat album. but then again, its atif – his kind of music is the the type that grows on u. i got hooked on jalpari more than a year after it was released….and that too coz i attended my first ever atif concert – and went on to buy the cd the very next day

  6. hungami halaat is cool, and I am a die hard fan, for me Atif is the best solo performer in Pakistan.
    2 or 3 more albums and Atif shall be a legend. He’s already received the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.
    If you look at it, music like Atifs’ is still unique despite having many artists which fall in the same genre and try to make music in the same manner.

    Atif Aslam brought a revolution in the music industry in Pakistan and if he gets to sing some meaningful arabic songs ,he will revolutionize the arab music world too, Insha Allah.

  7. atif’s bro-cum-manager is full of nakhra…he thinks he can out do me in that dept. am waiting for the day when he comes around and acknowledges my request to feature atif in my mag. i was warned of the nakhray factor by my journalist friend who interviewd atif pehle. she also gave me pointers on how to maska polish and exalt them high up – make me eat shit anytime is what i sed! šŸ˜›
    some still-not-famous singers have approached me for features – but i had to decline since i havent experienced their act yet. atif im familiar with – and also his effect on otherse..hence i wanted to somewhat pay tribute to all that – but these so-called managers go for their own ego trips and dont realize nor respect the others’ intensions. first of all, relatives shud not be made managers!! period!

  8. oh,that’s bad.
    Maybe you should think of cove ring bands or artists that are yet not having managers, they might not be popular but they are cool.
    I personally know of a Pakistani artist whose music can easily silence the western musicians alas he is underground.

    like I mentioned Mauj, it’s quite a happening band with their album on the verge of being released,and their
    music is not which is being done commercially in Pakistan by any other band.

    You could promote artists like that.

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