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Opportunity knocks only once



yeh mauqa (mocha) haat say nikalney na dein !


Author: Hani

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7 thoughts on “Opportunity knocks only once

  1. yummmm!
    i think i shud get one of those packets for office treats.

  2. Hmm, coffee days!

    What about music? What’s in these days? Have some news. Getting married on 26th April.

  3. Psyched: there are lots of other flavors as well cafe caramel etc etc.

    GH: good news, I wish you the best.

    Music, Pakistani music just seems to be getting better by the day, and that means that I am having a ball.
    Check out AAISHAH AKRAMs Beqaraar, the video of which is very realistic makes you want to destroy such men who exist in society ,I haven’t seen it on AAG, but THE MUZIK plays it.
    Then there is Aarzoo by Mirage , easy,soft melody.The video you can find on youTube

    These are what I can think of now, both of the songs are different mood wise but I think you should like them.

  4. woohoo muzic geeks 🙂

    Cafe’ mocha looks nice … all prepared – how was it?

    and congratos GH (Y) 🙂

  5. Hani: thx man! i wish you attend the wedding — i will send you the details in email.
    can give me the online links for the audio files of the songs?

    a s m a: Aha! name with spaces! Are you accumulating fats? thx by the way 😉

    And no mocha — in office and having a cup of tea! Adios!

  6. @GH: Ouch – loosing actually 😛

    Green tea rox these days 🙂

  7. asma: yeah Pakistani music freak big time,that’s my name, and I didn’t drink the coffee 😀

    GH: 😀 @ spaces accumulating fats.
    And I don’t want to dishearten you but my vacation isn’t due till october , seriously would have
    been happy to attend.After Happy is what Dingle stands for .

    You can get the song Aarzoo from the url below.

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