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The Time Has Come

Every year for the past 2-3 about a month long event takes place and that too without fail
The time has come this year as well to begin that event.

I won’t give it out clear cut as to what the event is but as time passes you’ll automatically realize
what I am talking about.

So you do the guessing while I make arrangements to implement the event.


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Guidelines Of Humane Thinking (Pakistani Included)

Mr. Nice Pakistani guys ,enough of your hiding,you have to come out of your homes and show the people around you that people from Pakistan are as decent,as professional and as educated as nationals of any developed nation. Somehow the self-proclaimed pakis are more visible than the -in-real-Pakistanis. These paki-s are not just available around you in real life but also next to you on social networking sites predominantly Orkut. Mr.Decent and the like,if you could convince your friends not to use the word paki for Pakistani and notify them whenever they say it,we can make a difference, and if all else fails there is always the execution order.

Promote your talent: and promote it in a way that it gets noticed internationally.The others aren’t any better,
they just show their talents around and make them get noticed.We don’t promote our outstanding talent and
are just busy being lost in what others are presenting and constantly lament on our bad that blocks out the
time we could dedicate positively to our own. Our musicians,fashion industry,actors,social workers,directors
and lots of other people need to be praised.

Have more unity: Don’t bite each others backs , and that’s what our passports state,as long as you hold the
Pakistani passport as an identification document at least respect it by doing what it expects you to have.

What is a trend? A temporary change which is to be replaced after a period of time. Agree?
If yes, then why hasn’t smoking sheesha  been dropped,it is now “passe”,afterall.

The  worst thing with bad habits is that if siblings see their elders doing something , they take it up
finding no harm in taking up what their elders are doing, basically spreading to friends and brothers, and
sisters and so forth.

Help others: If you are in a position to bring out the good of another person,then why stop, more good

will only help in improving your own environment, take benefit of your own actions and not at the sake of others misery.

and the most important thing of all , which will help you to achieve all of the above.


While writing this felt like a dying leader who leaves a bading note for the followers.And also felt embarrassed as to  talk about such simple things but  that is what the state of my fellow country men forces
me to do.

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Pizza Time

Domino’s Pizza is coming to Qatar.The signage is already up and interior works seem to be on.
I didn’t know that it was available in Pakistan because I didn’t see any during my visit over there. I will
let you people know what I think of it when it opens.
It will be located on New Mirqab Street, Al-Nasr

Maybe I can keep hope that it won’t be the disaster Sbarro