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Dingle Days (j game)



Author: Hani

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7 thoughts on “Dingle Days (j game)

  1. :S whats that suppose to mean?? Dont tell me it means ive a low IQ!

  2. umm..don’t worry,looks like you aren’t the only one who didn’t understand it
    Here the Dingle is shown in different roles
    I considered that it would be funny because of
    the rhyming from english that is MJ and JJ to
    urdu that is BHAN J , bhanjay being nephews.

    So it wasn’t comprehensible, no problem, I ‘ll stick to one language in my next strip of Dingle Days.

  3. Hani. how’s everything? im back on the blog block =)

  4. hhaahahaha! i got it there n then and smiled….which prooves……..??? 😛

  5. you’re smart

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