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What time is it?


Intezaar ki gharee ki battery ab khatam ho gayee hai!


Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “What time is it?

  1. Now you will complain: Waqt ruk sa gaya hai!

  2. Hmm yeh bongi thi, WOW say ziyada.

  3. kinetic ghari honi chahiye….more LIFE…

  4. Chinese ko pata nahi cahlnay daina…warna woh iss ka bhi charger bana dain gay…

  5. GH: sirf intezar ka waqt ruk gayaa
    Asma: theek farmaya
    UTP: the battery was kinda kinetic in the first place
    Hina: iss liyay to urdu mein post kee ( but you tell me one thing, meray naam kay spelling idhar udhar kar kay kiyon apna naam banaya?)

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