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Repair Broken


It is safe to refer to Qatars Industrial Area as infamous. Qatars Industrial Area is composed of all
the factories of FMCG’s and the repair /service centres of local car dealers.
I went over there today to get my car serviced, oil change etc.
Now, there is no single street in all of the area, which is a no-pothole road so if you go their for any purpose , the streets are so bad,that you end up think, uh-uh the cars going to need repairs.
And there seems to be trucks and trailers parked on every single available sandspot, parking spot. It just gets so confusing and I feel very uneasy driving in that area the only relevant driving related feeling I can say is the feeling you’ll get if you’re trying to park in reverse in a tight spot constantly.
It’s funny on how the same say seems to feel hotter in the Industrial Area.

So I go to the garage at 7:30am and I give in the car and the attendant tells me the car will be ready at 4pm,and expects me to be back at that time. I just wait since I don’t have any mode of transport to go and come back. Take a little nap and talk a little with a person over there, and to cut the long story short I was home at 11:30 am. 😀 ..

Although I didn’t intend to visit Pakistan this year, but it seems like Karachi was running all over my mind while waiting in the moist warm room ( a/c was out of order)!


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Repair Broken

  1. And the garage was open at 7:30 am?? Wow!

  2. Yes,there is a consensus sort of, among the garages they all open at 7:30am and the Garage for Honda, for example, is open well after the
    Isha’a Prayers

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