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Coke Studio


Ladies and Gentleman, forget everything you’re doing .
Pakistani music has arrived full time on to the scene, and those pakistani musicians who claim, that the music standard is not upto the mark , may please use their corrective hearing aids in order to realize the truth.
Rohail Hyatt proves with this project that he was well placed in Pakistans most respected pop bandVital Signs and has produced what maybe a show to be remembered for years to come.Yesterday was the airing of the first episode which featured, Ali Azmat,Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,Omran Shafique.
Gumby was fantastic with his drummming and I can easily say, he is possibly the best drummer in Pakistan.
I was so impressed with the whole concept and the programme, that it makes me feel like leaving my own job and go pursue a career in music.There is a reason why the only music I follow now is Pakistani Music, it is just simply brilliant.

The must listen to songs to in this episode were Garaj baras and Paheliyan. Omrans guitaring ability is prominent in Garaj baras.

Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Coke Studio

  1. right on the spot. i’ve been listening to garaj baras and shaman paiyan for the last 8-9 hrs now and still can’t have enought of these two tracks. i must say these live sessions are far more better than the studio recordings i’ve heard so far. gumby’s drumming and omran’s guitaring are simply outrageous. can’t wait to see rest of the episodes. but i have a feelings none of the coming episodes will be able to match up with this episode. i hope i’m wrong but lets wait and see.

  2. Dervaish:

    Oh, I am personally looking forward much more to the second episode, strings are cool too ..
    and omran and gumby are still there in other episodes..

    Coke Studio has sparked a fire in me and as far as I know, in every single one who has “experienced” it.

  3. do we have these songs on the net?
    can u give the links.

  4. The songs audio and video are available on

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