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Album Release


Ahmed Jehanzeb is out with his album all of a sudden,Laut Aao.
No song leaks ,no demo leaks and the album is out there right in front of us. I usually don’t listen to
albums online before I own them ( the ones which I plan to own,that is) to outlast the feel of inserting the cd into the player and relishing the new sounds.

As you may know by now that Ahmad is one of my favorite solo artists along with Atif and
Faakhir,so it was one of the most anticipated albums for me. With Atif  relieving me, Ahmed
leaving me on a see-saw, only left solo artist is Faakhir.

Although, I have a feeling that the lyrical content wouldn’t be as superior as Parastish, I hope a maturer Ahmad would result in better melodies and this album would be another classic.

Check out the first video of the album Chandni Raat

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Author: Hani

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9 thoughts on “Album Release

  1. I don’t know why i have lost interest in music. May be it’s due to the overnight mushrooming singers who produce nothing but a “yes i am sure to send it to recycle bin” stuff.

  2. And don’t you see what sort of videos they are producing? Why are they following Indians and West?

  3. The trick here is to not take new mushrooming singers to heart, be loyal to the already established musicians.

    About your video comment please take note that most of these videos are NOT made by Pakistani directors. And even if these videos show what
    they shouldn’t be showing , the Pakistani artists have made a very valid point on this. We freely watch and not crticize similar work being done by non-pakistanis, so why crticize Pakistani artists when they resort to these methods to retain viewership?

  4. Does it mean that we can compromise on cultural values?

  5. nope it doesn’t mean that.

    Since the albums are also releasing in India now , the videos are being made for an Indian audience, primarily.
    Just compare the videos with the ones made in Pakistan there is a big difference and all good directors of Pakistan do not play around with values. I haven’t seen any video by a top notch Pakistani director in which a female is shown in a demeaning way , by the method of exposing a females body etc.

    As for the videos made in India, artists don’t have a total say over the content.

    Is my answer satisfactory?

  6. I just want to refresh your memories, do you remember “Afreen Afreen” by Nusrat Khan Sahab, where was everybody then, do you remember the video, the model was wearing more revealing clothes than this one, the video had nothing to do with the concept, i didnt hear any objections then, so why now?

    The video is creative, its not the usual run of the mill, some one thought out of the box,there is nothing obscene or vulgar, i agree with the last comment, when produced in India that market is also kept in mind but I dont see anything wrong which has brought values and morals in question. If you look at our channels and the stuff that is being made and the clothes which are being worn, you dont question that? Dont forget our films, you cant watch with your family, a pakistani movie, nobody has anything to say abt that? Why this video?

    I dont see the point of discussion here, its a little bold for the pakistan audience but where is it demeaning?

    We all need to relax and not be so cynical, talk about the album, listen to the songs, discuss them, its gr8, the first 3 tracks are out of this world, also Jisko bhi Lagaya Ishq.

    It was worth the wait.

  7. ZM:As far as my knowledge is concerned ,the video of “afreen” is also directed in India.
    You got the album, GREAT! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  8. What i meant was nobody had any questions about that video, why all of a sudden now?
    You know, its a big debate, so lets not get into that, the good news is that AJ is out with a superb album and we should support him, the tracks are fabulous and worth listening to minus 1 or 2 tracks, the rest of the album is absolutely mind blowing.
    Its out everywhere in Karachi, where are u based?
    My point is that he has proven time and time again, thats he is a great talent and a wonderful singer, which Pakistan should be proud of and so should we all Pakistanis, and we should compliment him, he cant please everyone, and we all nothing in this world is perfect, but we should always look at positive side.
    Have a nice day and hope you get AJ’s album soon, you are missing out on a great album.

  9. ZM:I support Pakistani artists all through and whole heartedly,and I try to own as much of their albums as I can and not being a slave to audio downloads from the net. Faakhir made some excellent remarks over the same.We watch vulgarity of other countries with families and don’t say anything but when our artists are in a video that does not conform to Pakistani values,we critisize. He asked why are these DOUBLE STANDARDS prevalent?
    For me Pakistani music artists are the most talented artists in the world and I defend them appropriately. Having so little resources the product which they produce is applause worthy.

    Ahmed Jehanzeb is totally outstanding and marvelous.People with such musicality are not born everyday. I still listen to Parastish and the music in it is still fresh although I’ve heard the cd countless times.

    I am based in Qatar and Pakistani albums aren’t “released” here as such but I get them purchased in Pakistan and brought over to me.

    Somehow the feeling of inserting an original cd into the player brings joy and I love reading the album information on the cd sleeve.

    It’s really nice to hear from a person who also
    stands for Pakistani artists.

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