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Coke Studio Episode 02


Maybe it was Episode 01 that took my expectations higher, or maybe it was the excellence of the
musicians in Epsiode 01 that couldn’t be matched by the perfomers in Episode 01.
The uniqueness of the first episode was that the songs were not performed in the usual way, be it
Deewana,Paheliyan or Garaj Baras and there was youthfulness all around. Rahat Fateh was excellent as well with the effortless merging of his singing with Ali Azmats.The musicians just
merged with each other ,in short, the whole episode was full of seamless performances.

Episode 02 showed Strings bringing their own musicians along and it seemed the drummer was
putting in so much effort to get his playing co-ordinate with others. The bassist and the lead guitarists were nice though.I wasn’t much impressed with the vocals other than Faisals in Duur.
Saba and Selina were good but I would have loved them doing an Urdu track in their style.

Lets see what Ali Zafar can conjure up with in the next episode and also looking forward for Sajid to do some coolness as well…


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Coke Studio Episode 02

  1. i think its great work out from the singers and the musicians

  2. everyone must think the same

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