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Sbarro Fights Back

In a bid to falsify my review of Sbarro in my post,” Sbarro, Iam beginning to hate you”, Sbarro launched a
counterstrike and made sure that they did had everything which I had claimed ,they didn’t.
The plates have changed into china ware and the spoons and forks have changed from plastic to steel ware all
wrapped up together in tissues together before you dine.Now that’s a change!!

Their Pizza ( yes I went and bought some , after all how long can it be possible to sustain oneself on Pizza Hut
Dominos didn’t open their doors yet) was surprisingly better from the last time I had ate, fresher ingredients
perhaps ! Unlike last time their ingredients seemed bland and a day old or so.

Take Note: Sbarro didn’t bribe me to write this review at all, but as a result of me to strengthen my earlier
post after all anyone who read my earlier post would see me as a liar .