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Pakistan Abaad


I’ve decided to revive the blog just because of today,Pakistans Independence Day and that is a big thing maybe not for you but for me. The day brought in a positivity for me. 

One of the most important things I would like to take out of me right now is how I disappointed i had became for comments made by a friend of mine in the most circulated English newspaper in Qatar.Maybe it was a 
publicity stunt? because the guy used to defend Pakistan more than I did.Was it all a false face that he 
showed everyone in front of him till the day he took the mask off and showed his real face not only to Pakistanis but to all the people who read the newspaper? Now his annual 14th August Pakistani flag on the car is a mere show-off for me with no real sense of patriotism.

Dear Pakistanis,

Pakistan is no less than any country it’s just that the people need to be more faithful to their own duties they can be world class. Need any proof?  Look at yourself? Do you think there is anything less in you than those people who you see are given a priority ?Can’t you do all what they can do?

Well yes probably you can’t , you can’t stay UNITED like the rest of the world ,and if you criticize Pakistan
for it’s political, economic situation and keep putting  the blame only on President Musharraf and the Government, then go stand up and look in a mirror clearly , the person that appears
in the mirror is the person responsible for Pakistans situation and if you want to do something for the country ,go ahead and kill that person,LET ME SEE YOUR SINCERITY.

Pakistan (is) Forever.


Author: Hani

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3 thoughts on “Pakistan Abaad

  1. People of Pakistan need just hope. Once they find it, they’ll do miracles.

    Oh, and I have got something for you here. (Don’t tell me you are gone on a hiatus again.)

  2. no dingle since long ?

  3. Saadat: well technically I am on a break, but not visibly. I now am thinking,maybe this is why I was feeling more stressed out, I’ve been moving away from the blog.
    Asma:Dingles are certainly on a big time break.

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