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Daaman Khushiyon Say

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I mentioned a song of Ahmed Jehanzebs in my previous post that had a touching video,below are the lyrics for it: 

Meri Khusyian sabhi,meray apnay sabhi
Meray aangan merin hain
pyar say zindagi muskurati rahey
gungunaati rahey,geet gaati rahey

Daaman khushiyon say bhar jaaney do

subah hai zindagi,shaam hai zindagi
muskurata hua naam hai zindagi
pyaar say yeh zindagi khoob leh raney do
kaam karety raho ,roshni aaney do

Daaman khushiyon say bhar jaaney do  

Soch ki yeh Mash’alaein teray bastey mein hain
teri sab manzilain,teray rastey mein hain
rokna na kadm,chorna na kalam
jo bhi hon halaat torna na bharam

Daaman khusyion say bhar jaaney do

raat kut jaaye gee din nikal aaye ga
khawab taaber mein aaj dhal jaaye ga
sab ki aankhon mein kirney bikhar jaaney do
saarey daaman khusiyon say bhar jaaney do
Daaman khushiyon say bhar jaaney do

I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it thanks to every break in between programmes but hasn’t gotten boring for me yet.It isn’t on youtube yet,otherwise I would have posted the link since I did mention about the video too.


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