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Have you ever thought about this? Phone manufacturers can make a TV work without a headset but to listen to the RADIO, you still have to use a headset!!!


Author: Hani

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3 thoughts on “Dumbo

  1. Interesting! May be it has something to do with the frequencies. I am not sure, but what i have in mind is, radio works on Frequency Modulation from 87 to 107 MHz and the headset cable acts as an antenna for those frequencies. I don’t know about the TV frequencies for mobile devices, but i am pretty much sure, for those frequencies they might not need cable antennas. The actual reason might be close to my perception.

  2. Engineer Saahib, although you have given scientific reasoning that might as well be true because your answer seems convincing but again with all the “technological advancements” ,how come these manufacturers haven’t been able to overcome /solve such a requirement.

  3. I will say that everything has limitations. But, may be, in future people might become able to receive FM without antenna cables.

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