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Laut Aao -Album Review

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High expectations:
With Ahmed Jehanzeb giving interviews and stressing on the importance of classical training in order to
make proper music and his criticizing  dance tracks like macarena, saying they never last, i had certainly  been expecting what a remarkable album Laut aao would be . Well Ahmed from your new album your songs are going to be quite forgettable too . Although Iam not an authority 
on Punjabi language but even with this little knowledge of Punjabi, I can still feel the Punjabi in the album Laut Aao,so wrong !!!
Laut Aao doesn’t take Ahmed Jehanzeb to the next level on the contrary it brings him down quite a few number of steps.  I have heard/seen some one (maybe Khalid anum) appreciating Ahmeds selection of lyrics for Parastish, well this time Ahmed seems to have lost that touch too. The only saving grace could be said 
is Ahmeds vocals,which are from passionate to soul piercing, his control on his voice and tone changes
is fantastic, making me restricted in my liking to the extent of his singing only.

Laut aao along with quite a number of albums this year fail to live up to the previous albums by the same artists primarily because I think that these albums have been made for indian markets, the standards in the Pakistani market have gone super high for independent artists/bands, that’s the sole reason why these albums have been rejected by Pakistani listeners, to be @ the top in Pakistani market one really has to be flawless and innovative. 

I do think that Pakistani musicians have reached world class status so for me Laut aao isn’t great ,i’ll give it a 8 out of 10 , whereas Parastish was a 10/10.

Sorry Ahmed.


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