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Ajnabi the video


If there is someone who I forgot to mention in the recently conducted awards of mine ,it was Faraz who would’ve strolled away with the breakthrough artist of the year. Now before I continue,please do not think that I am missing Aaishah Akram since she can ,after Hadiqa Kiani take Pakistani music forward for the females in the country.

Coming back to Faraz, I saw the video of Ajnabi and I was bowled over with the visuals so perfectectly accentuating the song.The video being aesthetically rich and the song being musically rich.These are the type of songs which make me say that the melody IS the most important part of a song.Listen to such type of songs and it makes you open your ears in order to catch the credits of the makers.
The acting is great and bravo to  Sohail for creating such a touching video, it pokes at the wound ,enticing you to reach for the bandages,as a recall for all of you ,Mr.Sohail was successful in creating a similar feeling with Aaishah Akrams Beqarar . Helpless women and dead soul men. Certainly takes the cake for being the best video from all the releases since January.

Catch the video here and let me know your thoughts about it.

Ajnabi by Faraz


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Ajnabi the video

  1. Song was good, didn’t watch the video, thought to browse meanwhile.

    Pakistnai music is a flop these days. Let me check Aaishah Akrams Beqarar on youtube.

    • naah, ya greeno, let me correct you here, now a days it is one of the best time for the Pakistani music scene in ages
      Calls album is coming out really soon and so is Maujs , and down the line it’s roxens, I mean these are big releases.faakhir and sajid and zeeshan too might release theirs within this year too.

  2. Good music is not the number of released albums in a year.
    I don’t consider those big names. These are all figures among

    All those new bands including Fakhir’s last album was a flop in a
    sense that they are not just only repeating everything but are also
    making it worse. Same style of vocals, same concepts of Mayra Yar Jo
    Chor Jata hai, otherwise it’s Tu na Mili.

    Although they attracted younger generation because they too were
    learning to sing, play guitar and keyboard after getting inspiration
    from them. They wanted to be like those, so a huge fan group was
    inevitable. How many are there with a talent to play something new?
    When a guy picks up the guitar he plays call, mauj , Atif the asspu”#,
    Ok, they should have something to play in the start, but that chap who started
    in first year of university keeps playing aadat untill his last day in campus or
    joins them on their blog with a tag “hey, i too have a talent to face the audience!”
    They are all same.

    How much difference is there in today’s music from the early
    versions of EP and Noori? That era shouldn’t have lasted longer
    or at least after five years. And how much difference is there in terms
    of singing and composition styles? Would you like to differentiate? They
    are one to all on a same note of music and tone. Is this what you consider
    the epitome of music in 2009?

    You are excited about new releases only not about quality and innovation,
    you will find they have produced nothing different than previous albums.
    It’s not the best time, it’s a decline of existing artists. If i am sick
    of those, there would be many others too. It’s another thing that unconsciously
    you are also on the same path.

  3. The artists which I’ve named will have good quality albums since that’s what I expect out of them.
    Calls album is different to their previous album ( when bands do work different to what they intially did,people say they have lost touch), Maujs album has music that has never been made in Pakistan.
    If these university students stick with Atif, Jal all their lives , it is their fault and not the fault of the musicians.It is aspiring them to make music, what better influence can they give?
    I think Atif has been a revolution for the Paksitani music in the same manner as Vital Signs and Junoon were.That is why the new budding msuicians want to make music like Atifs’.
    Iam too optimistic for Pakistani music that I don’t consider there is any downturn currrently.

    Our mainstream music scene is still more dynamic than India (all the same ever since) and if we shift our focus to the so called leaders of music the western , most of their mainstream artists all make a similar type of music with jay z and these hip hop artists being prevalent,this was one of the main reasons why i stopped listening to american music, every where there
    was “” un, yeah< nigger, jay -z with lay-z , yeah”.Linkin Park was complacent with their second release sounding exactly the same as their first ( boring and no innovation , Multitalented musicans? MY REAR!
    We have such a complete overturn from that, Rahat Fateh to ,say Faakhir to Mizraab.
    That’s the difference , now do you think Kaavishs album will have even a bit of a similarity to Maujs album? Faakhirs album will be similar to Calls?Impossible.

    With the returns that the industry gives to our musicians it just suffices that our artists are making any music at all ( leave alone the brilliant music being made)!!

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