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First Trip 2009- Lahore


With the Sharifs brothers supporters bringing down the businesses with their protests , I was doubting myself to travel to Pakistan, messaged my cousin in Lahore
whether it would be okay for me to come.He assured me that by my flight date businesses would be back to normal. And so I left, although the plane was not very comfortable but found someone with whom I spoke about Pakistani music and that made the flight seem shorter.

Anyhow,landed on time and was expecting a rush towards the immigration but to my surprise it was empty and I was cleared within 5 minutes (cool,ain’t it). The trip was enjoyable as I hung around my favorite HANG OUT STREET , M.M.Alam street. (Anyone and everyone who knows me needs no second thoughts on where to find me when I am in Lahore.)

Biggest surprise for me were the prices in Deepak Perwani, which were much in league with other known to be affordable designers i.e Junaid Jamshed,gonna get myself a pink kurta from Deepak next time ???

Anticipating March releases weren’t released namely MAUJ, Call so got Abbas Premjee :Elements,Inteha: Kehna Chahta Hoon, Fuzon: Saagar , Junoon : Deewar .(interesting mix?)

Although, I didn’t have much time,this time, the moral of the story is “DON’T EVER TRAVEL TO PAKISTAN FOR JUST ONE WEEK “.


Author: Hani

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5 thoughts on “First Trip 2009- Lahore

  1. It seems like you’ve made a trip to Pakistan after ages.

  2. Ms.Bubblie, First of all welcome to Life Manual , and regarding your comment, I visited Pakistan in 2007 last, the only thing is that I go with a renewed fervor every time I visit.
    I am a positive Pakistani.

  3. Hey!
    Why are you on break from blogging?Your trip to Pakistan makes me jelous. I wish I could take a vacay but I can’t. But meh and yay for Pakistani music!EP is back together(sans Xulfi and Ahmed). Don’t know if you are a fan but its exciting news and stuff. Hopefully Zulfi comes back. And yes,
    I am a positive Pakistani as well!More need to be:)

  4. ok sadaf, I won’t be on a blogging break,why can’t you go on vacation, I have a couple of friends who are in Canada and ever since they went I don’t think they were able to go out of Canada,is that what Canada does to people?

    EP was alright ,xulfi be busy with Call and Ahmed busy with RubberBand .

    Yay for Positive Pakistanis!!

  5. I have school till next may inshAllah. Will graduate then, toh vacay for sure=d

    xulfi needs to get back to ep if they are going to do something. i dont really like ahmed. the rap thing, ugh.

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