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Fizz Studio


Coke is about to splash and bubble once again with Coke Studio 2,so you heard?
I’ve become an ardent fan ever since the first promos came up for the concept and have been following Coke Studio with religious fervor ever since.

This time they are going really going over the top and how happier can I be, with Atif being on the show. Atif is a real icon for me as he has really energized the whole music scene in Pakistan.

Someone who I’ll miss not being a part of Coke Studio 2 is Selina, from the Saba and Selina duo, she was ever smiling and always used to be grooving to the music, she brought in a cuter side to Coke Studio. Will Natasha be able to take her place? Only time will tell.

Among the house band last year, Gumby impressed me the most with his innovative drumming. His drums in Flute Jam, Mein chala, Gallan and Garaj Baras were just purely excellent.

Coke Studio-izing:

That’s what my facebook status says, I am doing. Since Zeb and Haniya are in the show, I’ve put their album on constant play in my car to familiarize myself with their tracks as to enjoy fully when they play in Coke Studio 2. The comment I would like to make on their album is that it is already COKE STUDIO ready, since two members of the house band ( Gumby and Mannu) have played on Chup (Zeb and Haniyas Album), the whole album seems to be a product of Coke Studio One.

Hats off to Coke for supporting the music scene in Pakistan when it needs it the most. An original and one-of-a-kind project, it simply as they say “rocks”.

Now speaking of things that “rock”, I would like you all to stop and ponder over music by Adil Salik, who makes music by the name of Dye Corduroy.

Check out this urdu track, “ Sab Jhoot Hai” , D/L the track here and while you are at it , you can check out this other brilliant track ,” kiya tum ho wohee”

Author: Hani

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9 thoughts on “Fizz Studio

  1. Coke studio was a nice experiment, i would like to see Ali Azmat singing there again. Join twitter, it would beat Facebook, i bet.

  2. I have been hearing so much about coke studio. I still don’t know what its all about. I should google it about now. Is Rohail Hayat part of it?

  3. you don’t know about COKE STUDIO, I mean , who doesn’t know about Coke Studio!!!!!
    Seriously girl you need to update yourself
    I order you to go to
    and check it out right now!!!

    do they have the eps. online anywhere?
    i *heart* sajid and zeeshan:D

  5. Your wish is my command
    go to
    you’ll find the videos there which along with audios are downloadable.
    All the good things in life ARE free

  6. OMGG
    i m totally watching the season after my exams end on may5th. i m so tempted to download abhi but i will wait.

    ps: umeed-e-sehar by laal sun lo. how you say amaaazing hai.

  7. Haan jee, I’ve heard Umeed-e-sehar , it is awesome, I really like Shahrams’ voice.

  8. hey rahat fateh ali khan also coming in cokestudio2…he was amazing!

  9. Raqeb: No Rahat Fateh ALi Khan this time,but you’ve got Shafqat Amanat Ali , who still is pretty good too.

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