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Coke Studio 2


Oh My God!!

Coke Studio 2 is here, the dates are out , first episode on June 14th and I am mega excited, Atif and Noori will rock ( and I know the people who harbor envy for Atif will envy him more after the performance), I am writing this post just to let you that my dingle days will be delayed a little bit but still probably within the first week of next month, for all of those who are added on to my face book list, my status message will let you know when Dingle Days is up again.

Thanks for patronizing my blog despite of my irregular posts.


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Coke Studio 2

  1. YO!how were exams?Why are ppl envying Atif more?Because he gets to perfom with Noori or something else?

  2. HEY! Exams not over yet,ending next week on the 2nd of June. Just did a quick post for Coke Studio 2 and Dingle Days delay.
    No, Atif will not be performing with Noori , although there is a concert video where ali noor and atif are singing Manwa Re .

    I said people fill mind more reason to be envious ,because I think most of the people who say Atif can’t sing are basically jealous of his success and not because of his singing , so when they see his performance in Coke Studio 2
    they will get more envious.

  3. oemgee, good luck for the last one/ones. i m sure you will do great. I think that Atif sings fine. I dont have too much love for his work but then again, he is a superstar so whats one more person. Maybe, he can prove people wrong on CS2 but noori is wayy too rock and roll for lanky atif. but regardless, do well and update:)

  4. one more paper to go and finally Dingle Days, yes I hope I manage to open my book and study, each and every fan counts though,Sadaf.

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