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Over the weekend I had gone for the screening of Transformers 2 “revenge of the fallen” , with great anticipation, took the midnight show for which I had purchased the ticket at 8:30 pm with lots of hours to spare, few hours went to waste waiting for the movie to start.
The movie was pretty childish where the director and the writer didn’t perform the job properly, putting in comedy elements in what were supposed to be full action sequences took away the credibility of the movie to be a good action movie. On top of that, the air conditioners were turned off (or they went phatooey) during the movie (that too on the main screen, can you believe that), further creating a feeling of displeasure, all in all not a good movie going experience for a movie wrongly made.

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Free Polos up for grabs

not the minty type

How would you like to get a free gift from Massimo Dutti?
Just scream and shout in their store in any of the locations (preferably Villagio, since that’s where I came to know about the gifts).
A pre-requisite would be to make sure that all of the staff and all of the customers get to hear you shout. Saying so in a universal language (English) would create a better effect.What happened last night was a male salesman kept going inside the area where female changing rooms were and one of the customer whose wife was there, started shouting throughout the store, the supervisor took the guy to a separate room and voila —-a free white colored polo—-
Wanna experience? Go to Masimmo Dutti ( villagio br. , again)
wear a “shalwar kameez” and be the last one to be checked out from the counter.
I’ve twice experienced it from the hands of a lady wearing glasses,now I know the two options to resort to, of getting attended to, next time I visit.
1.Throw the items I plan on purchasing on the face of THAT racist lady when I am done
2.Shout at the utter racism (and get a polo for free too).



Individuality : The first episode from Coke Studio season 2.
After watching the first episode there were a few things which came to the forefront and I ‘ve decided to share these with you.

The songs were ok, none up to the experience of the first seasons’ first episode.
The most major work was done on “Jal Pari ” which was completely renovated and put out as almost en entirely new song.
“Khamaaj” couldn’t have been more complacent with its treatment and with the lacklustre of shallums missing solo,things seemed to have been taken quite easily.

Missed Shots:
Other than the vocalists no one came to prominence, maybe that’s how the episode was set up
to be more vocal based, Javed , Shafqat, Atif, Ali Noor, simply can’t go wrong when it come to delivering vocals. All musicians had taken a backseat and played subduedly.
Gumby’s drumming did come out in Javeds “Aj Latha Naeeo” and the Rubab in Paimona.
Ali Hamzas Banjo did give Aik Alif a dimension but that too in a very hushy manner.

ASAD AHMED: A Decoration piece.
What purpose has he been included for in the house band, is still yet to show. From the first episode , I don’t think there was any requirement in a track which Omran couldn’t have handled alone.

Foreign Inclusion
: No self-confidence.
CokeStudio is supposed to be a show where Pakistani musicians are to be highlighted and presented to the world but this time around a few non-Pakistanis have also been shamelessly
included in the show. Why, during this time, when Pakistani artists contracts are being cancelled by non-Pakistanis for no obvious reasons are we still inviting other people to work with us especially in a field where we are the best? (paagal hain na, hum qoum?)

Episode 2 :
Well, from the ads, Aankhon kay Saagar has been played with , Josh looks good
and finally Mr.Ustaad is not content with Atif being in the same track as him.

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When Isostar went down the drain
That’s when the cockroaches really came

On a serious note, I think THE WORLD really needs to wake up on this imminent threat, we know what’s happening above the ground and solvable above the ground.
What about the threat that lingers below the ground ? Cockroaches are evolving too, from being creepy crawlies to flying creepy crawlies, yes they have wings now and unlike chickens, they can actually fly. How worse can things get? Cockroaches that breathe fire? Imagine those filthy things flying and landing where ever they want.

wait a second…………………..(puke) …………. ok, I am back.

I see The Great Plague making a return. Municipalities please start your action before its too late. I certainly don’t want to be in a world where cockroaches are flying I guess you don’t either.

On a comical note again, Dingle Days are back
catch them here

Dingles Are Back

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Dingle Days (wake up)