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When Isostar went down the drain
That’s when the cockroaches really came

On a serious note, I think THE WORLD really needs to wake up on this imminent threat, we know what’s happening above the ground and solvable above the ground.
What about the threat that lingers below the ground ? Cockroaches are evolving too, from being creepy crawlies to flying creepy crawlies, yes they have wings now and unlike chickens, they can actually fly. How worse can things get? Cockroaches that breathe fire? Imagine those filthy things flying and landing where ever they want.

wait a second…………………..(puke) …………. ok, I am back.

I see The Great Plague making a return. Municipalities please start your action before its too late. I certainly don’t want to be in a world where cockroaches are flying I guess you don’t either.

On a comical note again, Dingle Days are back
catch them here

Dingles Are Back


Author: Hani

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