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Free Polos up for grabs

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not the minty type

How would you like to get a free gift from Massimo Dutti?
Just scream and shout in their store in any of the locations (preferably Villagio, since that’s where I came to know about the gifts).
A pre-requisite would be to make sure that all of the staff and all of the customers get to hear you shout. Saying so in a universal language (English) would create a better effect.What happened last night was a male salesman kept going inside the area where female changing rooms were and one of the customer whose wife was there, started shouting throughout the store, the supervisor took the guy to a separate room and voila —-a free white colored polo—-
Wanna experience? Go to Masimmo Dutti ( villagio br. , again)
wear a “shalwar kameez” and be the last one to be checked out from the counter.
I’ve twice experienced it from the hands of a lady wearing glasses,now I know the two options to resort to, of getting attended to, next time I visit.
1.Throw the items I plan on purchasing on the face of THAT racist lady when I am done
2.Shout at the utter racism (and get a polo for free too).


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