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Life is better handled, prepared.



Money can buy you a good camera but it won’t get you creativity


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Photo-Graphy

  1. AMEN BUT “It’s good to live expensive
    You know it”(lady gaga). Thats wisdom, right there too! hah, okay sorry but yes, i agree. also congrats on being done exams and we won 20/20, which is prolly the most positively exciting thing that has happened to us pakistanis in the longest time. are you on vacay now that exams are done?

  2. YEah, sab ko mubarak ho 20/20 aur Coke Studio 2 , vacation to hai,education say, laikin kaam to karta hi hoon is liyay , mukammal chuttee nahin, mukammal chuttee apni degree lainey ka baad hi loon ga

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