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Over the weekend I had gone for the screening of Transformers 2 “revenge of the fallen” , with great anticipation, took the midnight show for which I had purchased the ticket at 8:30 pm with lots of hours to spare, few hours went to waste waiting for the movie to start.
The movie was pretty childish where the director and the writer didn’t perform the job properly, putting in comedy elements in what were supposed to be full action sequences took away the credibility of the movie to be a good action movie. On top of that, the air conditioners were turned off (or they went phatooey) during the movie (that too on the main screen, can you believe that), further creating a feeling of displeasure, all in all not a good movie going experience for a movie wrongly made.


Author: Hani

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One thought on “Transformers

  1. acha hua!who watches anything with megan fox?she looks great but acting?hah, sorry i laughed at everyone who complained about the movie. you should totally watch the hangover, now thats watchable and fun:d

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