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Coke Studio Season 2: epsiode 3 Equality


Episode 3 was worth watching ( as any other Coke Studio Episode is). Take my synopsis for it below:

Yaar Daadi:Ali Zafar ( Highlight Mr.Baqirs flute)
This fun track brought fun into Ali Zafars performance in this season, somewhat like Atif, who always seemed to be enjoying what he was doing, singing the song although seemingly easy was quite difficult which is evident from Alis expressions in the track.

Waasta-e-Pyar : Atif Aslam (Highlight Mr.Javeds Violin & English infusion)
Most surprising track of the episode, with Atif singing in English and uniquely blending in with Punjabi, this is certainly the very same Atif that created a revolution in the Pakistani music scene. I just love how his voice fills up the song in this one and absolutely the ending.

Bari Bari Barsi :Josh ( Highlight:Babar & Gang & Mr.Javeds Violin)
Babar comes into action from the beginning of the song onwards and Mr. Javed sound reproduction of a woodwind instrument using a stringed one is great.

Chal Diyay : Zeb & Haniya featuring . Javed Bashir
When we talk about featuring anyone, we should expect that the featured person should be able to bring to the song the reason of being featured, and when the featured person is a classical vocalist, we can only expect melody and tune to be adhered to .The track with the slowest tempo yet Javeds technique of matching the raag takes away the slow pace right at the end.

Jo Meray:Noori ( Highlight: Rakaes Sitar & Hamzas vocals)
Talking about a rock song with a Sitaar in it is wonderful enough when one just talks about it. I always have considered Ali Noors vocals (which are angst filled) to bear the right kind of effect on their tracks. Hamza’s braking (mind you ,NOT breaking) vocals are a must listen in this one. {( and Rakae looks like the elder brother of Mekal Hasan ( the model)}

This is what Pakistani music is all about ,excellent music with looks that make you say marry me!


Author: Hani

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4 thoughts on “Coke Studio Season 2: epsiode 3 Equality

  1. best line….very expressive! 🙂

    “This is what Pakistani music is all about,excellent music with looks that make you say marry me!”

  2. thanks,welcome back (onboard) Life Manual

  3. It looks like you are a real pro. Did ya study about the issue? hehe

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