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Day 3 Istanbul:Doner Walk and Gain Refrain


Day 3 was a late start, I decided to check out the area, didn’t want to get lost like the first day, therefore I took a notebook and started marking my path out until the main road so I could track my way back ( don’t consider a bread trail to be a successful method of doing that especially with the count of birds in Istanbul ). Walked around, felt like having a shawarma, which is called a Doner in Turkish, skimmed through a couple of menus, and reached a place, which looked a bit professional, most of the places serve the shawarma not in a pita bread but in a bun, which was the first setback for me. The shawarma for me is to be relished with the least amount of wheat encapsulating the meat , that’s when the actual shawarma can be tasted. I had come to Turkey with a big perception that the food will be extra tasty which gave me the random thought ,”where is the Turkish Food which I had heard about?” Second Setback.

After having that, decided to head back to the hotel,would’ve reached the hotel easily, until I saw commotion in a bustling marketplace, so I thought I’d check it out and when I went in I had found the Turkish equivalent of Pakistans food street, since I’d already had food I didn’t try any food over there , due to my laziness I didn’t go back out from the path I came in but turned and started walking towards where I thought my hotel was. Wrong move. Although, the path was right and I was able to reach the blue mosque (and my hotel was at a 10 minute walk from there but that day I didn’t know that) I got tired of searching and midnight was approaching near so decided to take a taxi. The taxi took me around the block and I was dropped off at a place saying ,”the road to the hotel is blocked in front but my hotel was straight ahead so I could just walk”.Paid the equivalent of 20 USD to the looter and walked “straight ahead”, no hotel!!!
I must’ve walked for about 1.5 hours after getting out of the taxi asking from different people on where the hotel was, before I reached it.

Hero of the day: Mohammed Ali of the Four Seasons hotel who guided me properly even confirming with the hotels driver about the location and if that wasn’t enough, he took out a pocket map of the area and handed it over to me guiding on the path properly.
TiP: The least thing one can do is to have the address of anyplace one wants to go, in my case the hotel (Although I had the hotels key with me, but the key didn’t have the hotels address on it, the first thing I did when I went back to the hotel is got their card to help me with my future adventures).


Author: Hani

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2 thoughts on “Day 3 Istanbul:Doner Walk and Gain Refrain

  1. the bread trail reminded me of ‘hansel & gretel’…it didn’t work in their case either..nor did the trail of stones..

    shawerma-in-a-bun? that just sounds wrong..

    Did you get to try any authentic–non-fast food- sort of Turkish cuisine?

    Maybe you should try Italy on your next trip–they are known for their veggies—tossed pizzas–hand-made pasta..the works!

    sounds like you had a tough day—walking in circles almost! But hey-at last there was the man who helped out..

    the day was saved..:)

    • It’s the long bun the baguette sort of , in which most of the places serve the
      shawarma. Yes, I did try their grilled foods like the Iskander Kebab and
      Chicken Shish, which were sumptious.

      Italy, hmm, does sound delicious, I hope Armani sells its products a dime a dozen in Italy, then I can really go.

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