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Day 4 : Hani Play It Safe

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After the last days bad experience, I didn’t want to tread too much on my feet, and not wanting to regret my not visiting at least a few touristic spots, headed to a tour agency which was just a minute away from the hotel. Got myself two tours, one for the same afternoon and the other for the next day early morning. The best thing about the tours was that, the buses come and pick you up from your own hotels lobby plus payment is accepted on the buses through credit cards as they carry the wireless Point Of Sale machines. ( I got a bit unsure when the guy at the tour office said that i could pay using the card on the bus, so I thought I would withdraw cash from an ATM and pay cash to the office). Since there was plenty of time for the bus to come and I had to withdraw cash, the person in the office advised to go near to the blue mosque where I could find an ATM and I could probably visit BASILICA CISTERN, the underground water channel/reservoir built in history for usage of people in that time. I did as he said ,had some talk with the staff from cafe lokum ( cafe lokum became a place where I used to go everyday for lunch/dinner and got a lot of information from them on the methods of getting myself to the malls in Istanbul).
Went back to the hotel area and decided to try a new place to eat, ordered myself a mixed grill and met an over smart know-it-all staff member (the kind of people I don’t like). Finished eating and reached the hotel exactly right before the bus came.
The tour had two USPs, Dolmabache Palace ( the palace where there founder of the Turkish Republic lived) and the highest point in Istanbul {which was over the Asian side (residential side of Istanbul), the palace was so -so and the highest point was so-so too. Met an aged Australian lady who was quite happy to meet a Pakistani speaking English ( had a random thought, on how good an opportunity it is promote your country being with tourists from all over the world by being humanely).
Walked to the Cafe Lokum had dinner and chatted with them on how wanted to visit Nis(h)antas(h)i again ( the area where I had stayed the first night) ,upon which I was told, why not go to Kanyon Mall ( the open mall) and I asked them how can I reach, so one of the guys told me if I visited him tomorrow he’d let me know on how to reach the mall. I’d say the day had gotten over but before I go towards closing the post it is appropriate to mention the modes of public transport available in Istanbul.
Taxi-Metro-Tram-Bus-Metro Bus- Mini Bus (Wagon in Pakistan) , makes it quite accessible doesn’t it .
See you on Day 5.


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