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My idea for Karo Mumkin-Telelnor

For me the government should pass a law and implement the rule of having just 1 child rather strongly.
Similar to the control implemented by China.
With corrupt governments that have been ruling since Pakistans inception the resources that are created and will be created are very limited compared to the blow out in population growth. As already seen, we cannot follow other countries in economic development and resources utilization, therefore we have to limit the consumption that occurs in the country and a major way of doing so is that we reduce the no. of people i.e the consumers. Pakistanis have utilized their rights way beyond what they were capable of.
The benefits of controlled population are limitless for Pakistan. There can be classification on how and whom it is implemented upon depending upon the household income generated by each family. Where a family can easily afford the expenses of a child, they would be allowed to have more than a child. Here is a question for you to think about
Why not just have one child and send that child to a good school/university rather than have two and send them to an average school?

Lesser population means that with existing resources we can create more well being, spread education further too. Have a safer society by means of traceability of each person . The development and implementation of human resource development programs would become easier.
After all a thing that is scarce/limited ( that Is what we want to achieve in population) is much valuable to something which is abundantly available. Higher salaries due to fewer professionals is also an outcome of lesser population. To sum up we have
Question Time again.: Do you think a country is in a better state where It has 20 well learned/educated postgraduates hoping to get employment against one job opening instead of having 180 lesser learned average post graduates for that same job?