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Playbook Review

“What’s that you are holding? Looks interesting!”

“This is the BB PlayBook

Eyes widen and hands reach out to grab the device out of my hands.
This reaction is common when someone sees the Playbook in my hand.

The Playbook certainly generates a lot of curiosity. The down side? It shifts attention from the user!

Out  of the box, it’s simple to use and the touch options are different from other tablets. For example, when within an app a downward swipe brings in menu options like they would in a regular computer program.

Another good thing about it is that the necessary drivers are built in to the device; the first time you connect it with your PC – it begins installing them to prepare it for first use. No need for additional CD’s to install drivers etc.

Other Pluses: Very handy size- sits almost perfectly in your semi-formal pants, or the back pockets of your regular fitting jeans.

It’s easy to hold too. The hand gestures are intuitive and overwhelm the muscle memory my fingers had begun to develop from using other touch devices.

The Blackberry Playbook has video zoom in, which is pretty useful when watching high definition videos. It has a mirror mode which allows you to share your screen with a larger display unit through HDMI. Transferring files on to the device is a breeze too. It can be done through the mini USB or through Wi-fi.

Now the down sides: I had big connectivity issues with the rather weak Wi-Fi detection and repeated disconnections from the internet.

The biggest disappointment however remains the unavailability of good apps for it. Being a twitter freak, I was very disappointed to see there wasn’t a native twitter app even among the paid apps. No Playbook versions of popular browsers were available to replace the built in browser which was a bit slow. No native e-mail app either.

So…why would you buy it?

You could buy it primarily to use it as a media device and if you want a conversation starter, this surely gets the job done. If you already own a Blackberry phone, it makes owning a Playbook much more fun because you have the option to bridge the phone with it. It mitigates some of the down sides by letting you access e-mails, run the popular BlackBerry Messenger and share the internet connection through the bridge connection on your playbook.

Would you ?