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The Kid with a bike

I participated in a competition to win a pair of tickets run by @qfradio on tueday. The tickets were for the Wednesday night screening of The Kid with a Bike and guess what? I did win! I couldn’t get any of my friends to come and see the movie with me so I decided to give one of the tickets away. After asking about 5 people finally managed one to find someone who hadn’t bought the tickets already and wanted to see the movie. No exchange of cash was involved in this transfer J. What was good to see was that the guy was extremely happy. It made my day…umm.. no actually, it ended my day well because it was already night when I handed over the tickets.

About the movie:
I felt the theme of the movie #KWAB is about coming to terms. This includes kid realizing the truth about his father. How the foster mother sees her relationship with the kid. The kids’ realizing that he has done wrong with the crime he commits and is devoid of any revenge when he himself becomes a victim of revenge.
Thanks to @dohafilm for bringing this movie down to viewers in Doha. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I would recommend you to go ahead and see it. Tickets and showtimes are available on

P.S: Kids with their stubbornness sure are annoying.