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I’ve been awarded

I really appreciate Saadat for his giving me an award for Dingle Days but it is rather unfortunate on my part that I cannot continue such an ingenious tag.

reasons are here mentioned below:


The awarding criterion requires a minimum of 7 awardees to be mentioned. Now, getting to mention 7 bloggers is not a hard task but to mention the reason for awarding is hard for me that’s only because there  is no specific reason why I visit random blogs or even for the people who are on my (outdated) blogroll. The general aspect for all the blogs I visit is that they are not boring and are able to produce interesting posts continually.

 Over the past month or so I’ve found myself being more and more critical and I think that my future posts can very much be a reflection of my current mind state. Why have I become unhappy with how things are going? The reason is that I find unaccounted for blaming and degradation, it makes me want to lash back out at the critics. People who criticize Pakistan, it’s artists and more ,who are as much talented as their international counterparts but not given enough value for their worth.

 And finally after a long break,

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Sbarro Fights Back

In a bid to falsify my review of Sbarro in my post,” Sbarro, Iam beginning to hate you”, Sbarro launched a
counterstrike and made sure that they did had everything which I had claimed ,they didn’t.
The plates have changed into china ware and the spoons and forks have changed from plastic to steel ware all
wrapped up together in tissues together before you dine.Now that’s a change!!

Their Pizza ( yes I went and bought some , after all how long can it be possible to sustain oneself on Pizza Hut
Dominos didn’t open their doors yet) was surprisingly better from the last time I had ate, fresher ingredients
perhaps ! Unlike last time their ingredients seemed bland and a day old or so.

Take Note: Sbarro didn’t bribe me to write this review at all, but as a result of me to strengthen my earlier
post after all anyone who read my earlier post would see me as a liar .


Makes Sense?

Excess population is what the country of Pakistan suffers from.With no strict policy against the number of children in a household,Pakistanis sure are making a lot of babies.Although, the “Bachay do hee achay” is a good scheme but I don’t think it is being implemented by the people on a large scale.I am in total agreement with the scheme because it makes logical sense to me.I mean why would someone need more than 2 kids in the first place.

With education,living costs going up the wall it is getting increasingly difficult to raise families decently,so the less the children the more attention they will get in school,at home and will become resultingly better human beings.
Instead of putting 4 children through normal schooling,put 2 children in better schooling with the same amount and then tell me who the winner is?

We the people need to realise that we are burdening our own country and ourselves too! With resources becoming scare by the day,the mouths to feed are multiplying with mathematical ease.

We have to wake up and take action,after all if we don’t help ourselves (not just in eating), we can forget about others helping us.

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I haven’t written a decent sized blog post since quite sometime but that may be due to lack of readership that I have now.I knew that my taking such a long gap for my exams
would yield this very result. People who used to read me regularly would feel that they don’t get any void if they don’t read me anymore (since there was no update to be read)
and hence no
coming back.

It’s all my fault.

I want to talk about music today and I want to ask the readers that what do they think
is the most important part of a song.For me it is the
lyrics (leaving the instrumental tracks out).
Although, I know that the most important part is not the lyrics but the
melody.I want major feedback on this ,alright?

By the way, I am in a major love relationship with the song “Kitni Sadiyaan” by Mizraab (do check it out) and an affectionate relationship with “Alvida” by Salman Ahmed,I like the way it flows ( I wonder why it got such a bad response).