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Where is the spark?

On 03-02-16 got featured as a ‘local talent’ on a local radio station @QFradio2. I was asked to come and had time to read a couple of my poems with the listeners of the QFDRIVESHOW . As I was quickly going through the poems to find something worthy of being read on air, I began having certain thoughts on what emotions were the ones that I used to feel and those that prompted me to write poetry. It was a natural flow because of a spark of imagination.

Where is my spark now?

Is it because that I am much older to when I used to write poetry? Is this a natural process that as when you grow up, you tend to lose the thought process since you are bogged down by more responsibilities and have to have more practical thoughts to sustain daily life than creative ones..

I am not happy that I can’t write poetry anymore and I do want to restart…….maybe I shall soon.


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For Hire

Here is a poem which I completed for the purpose of reading it at the Doha tweetup today.

For Hire

So this particular day
I was getting late
No time for breakfast
On a plate

I was in a hurry
All things lied scurry
Stuffed food in my mouth
My head hit the wall,couldn’t shout

Couldn’t sit down and
Nurture the wound
To console myself
I uttered a sound

I got out of my house
Located on E-ring
Got into the car
Didn’t see the steering

Fumbled in my pockets
To find the keys
The only thing that came out
Were salted peas

I realized I was sitting in the backseat
When there were no pedals below my feet
“Right right” , I said to myself
I had to take a taxi to work

All of a sudden I hear a thunder roar
The sound was from a a guy running towards me I was sure
When the yellow car owner gave me a jab
I thought This is Qatar,the car had to be green to be a cab



This happens again and again
year after year
The thing is ,its pretty simple
very much clear
everyone does it once in a while

I’ve done it too
year after year
this time around,it is happening
again my dear
but do take it with a smile

It’s a blogging break month
and its not so much fun(th) [ forced rhyming,this 🙂 ]