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Identity Revealed, Look it’s me part 2

My not coming of the closet properly has left an after affect with me and I myself want to end this suspicion I will be coming out within this year (properly, I promise!!) but as we all have heard the saying that slow and steady wins the race (and there is still a lot of year left in this year), this post is for me to maintain my steadiness, half in the closet, half out of it.
Thanks to the people who played along the first post with my picture.
Now, to the moment of truth….

Who could this be??

if the previous picture was one of us,that means this is one of us too!

To give another hint proving me is me, here is another image..

You decide the rest…


Identity Revealed / A BAD post

This is going to be a really unique post, why?
Because it will have …nah!! Read to find it out yourself.

This is the Bryan Adams post that I’ve been talking about.

The tickets we bought were standing ones. 170 Qrs. (2805 Rs., 46 USD approx.)
(Mom chocolate chipped the dough, so all the thanks goes to her)

Venue: Soccer Stadium (there is more about the venue, I’ll get back on it)

My friend (??) did show up and we went to the concert together. In actuality, he brought another friend of his and we went threegether. The traffic situation in Qatar has gone really really bad due to the sudden (over)flow of wealth in the country and the night of the concert wasn’t any different. He parked the car say 3 kilometers away from the stadium. So we ran a bit, walked a bit and reached the venue pretty much on time, the opening act had already played and we just had to wait about fifteen minutes before Bryan came and started to play. Those fifteen minutes passed easy thanks to forcing our way through the tiny gaps available between the people.

Getting back on the venue.
What were we doing forcing our way between people?
The authorities had placed the stage on one end of the pitch and the standing persons were to be located directly in front of the stage (as reported in the newspaper), hence the squishing.

The next level of tickets 250 riyals SITTING (4125 Rs., 68 USD approx) were located where the spectators sit in a stadium, on the seats. They were seated on the other end of the stadium. Too bad.

The final level of tickets 300 riyals (4950 Rs., 82 USD approx) were way up in enclosed boxes at the top of the stadium. Too very bad.

Now this price seating ratio is good for a football match where the person would need to get a good view of the action on the pitch but no way for a concert. I don’t think I noticed a projection screen anywhere but even if there was one I consider that not weighty, because is one is watching the concert on a screen we might as well stay at home.

Anyhow, after we reached the farthest point within a few minutes the lights went low and Bryan came running with his crew.

They started to perform, here is a track listing: (not complete and out-of-order)

Run to you
Open Road
Cloud No.9
A couple of new songs

Kids wanna rock
Everything I do
When you’re gone
[For this song he wanted to choose from the crowd and the arms were raised
, Bryan made a comment on the people knowing the words or dropping down their arms,
he chose someone who coincidentally didn’t know the words but then they got a lyric sheet, I began to shout cheating cheating but unfortunately Bryan was way too far to hear me and fortunately my voice was confined to 6 people around me, but she still couldn’t sing AAAHHH!!
He stopped after some playing asking for another candidate ….
Me*shouting again*: I can cheat too
Me (again): I can sing like Pamela Anderson (Pamela being the one who sang the latest version)
*A guy in front turns back and gives me a very weird look*, Bryan still chose someone else but she did know the words and…lets go back to the track listing, shall we?]
18 till I die
The only thing that looks good on me

Without straining my brain anymore, this is the most I can recall.

Somewhere in between Bryan said names of the band members and they left the stage with the lights dimmed and the crowd demanded more but they came back in within a minute did a few more songs and Bryan almost went into the crowd taking a camera off a person and photographing himself with that person. Two or three songs later the rest of the band really went signified by the band bowing and the drummer throwing the drumsticks into the crowd.

Bryan didn’t leave the stage and then he sang “All for one” and after each song the crowd would ask for more forcing Bryan to say, ‘haven’t you got any place to go tonight?”

And then he finally left signaling the night as over.

My judgment: I did enjoy going there but I am better off attending an unplugged sort of concert where I can actually see and hear the individual contributions of instruments and vocals into making the song.

Here are some pictures…

You see the people in the background,they are the sitting ticket ones.

Bryan Adams,the man.


Out of his darkness…

Looking at me??

You must be wondering what Identity Revealed has to do with Bryan Adams ,well wonder know more as I am about reveal my own identity by publishing a picture of me with my friend(??).What was a deciding factor for me to put my picture on the blog was that various female bloggers had done so, I thought if females being more reserved can do so, why can’t I?

Anyone who has seen me or my friend(??) better not comment about the picture above, otherwise there will be a gift of love that’s bound to give a black eye!!!

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