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Where is the spark?

On 03-02-16 got featured as a ‘local talent’ on a local radio station @QFradio2. I was asked to come and had time to read a couple of my poems with the listeners of the QFDRIVESHOW . As I was quickly going through the poems to find something worthy of being read on air, I began having certain thoughts on what emotions were the ones that I used to feel and those that prompted me to write poetry. It was a natural flow because of a spark of imagination.

Where is my spark now?

Is it because that I am much older to when I used to write poetry? Is this a natural process that as when you grow up, you tend to lose the thought process since you are bogged down by more responsibilities and have to have more practical thoughts to sustain daily life than creative ones..

I am not happy that I can’t write poetry anymore and I do want to restart…….maybe I shall soon.



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Birthday Song


Why is that we always sing the birthday song for a person except on his/her actual birth day?

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Lyrics (minor)

I’ve gotten my hands on Maujs Album, although I am not doing a review of it at this moment, I would like to share a thought about just one of the point which came to my mind after hearing the track “Awaz” which further strenghtened an already established belief.

“Aye Parindo Kisi Shaam Urtey Huey, Raastey mein agar woh nazar aaye to, Geet Baarish ka koi sunana ussey;
Aye Sitaron Younhein Jhilmilatey huey, Uska Chehra Dareechay mein aajaye to, Baadlon to Bula kar, Dikhana Ussey” -Mauj

All those veteran musicians and lyricists who critisize the current lot of musicians for not being able to write meaningful lyrics must be doubting their own future, (hence the bitter resentment) when they hear the stuff being made these days.