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Coke Studio Season 2: epsiode 3 Equality

Episode 3 was worth watching ( as any other Coke Studio Episode is). Take my synopsis for it below:

Yaar Daadi:Ali Zafar ( Highlight Mr.Baqirs flute)
This fun track brought fun into Ali Zafars performance in this season, somewhat like Atif, who always seemed to be enjoying what he was doing, singing the song although seemingly easy was quite difficult which is evident from Alis expressions in the track.

Waasta-e-Pyar : Atif Aslam (Highlight Mr.Javeds Violin & English infusion)
Most surprising track of the episode, with Atif singing in English and uniquely blending in with Punjabi, this is certainly the very same Atif that created a revolution in the Pakistani music scene. I just love how his voice fills up the song in this one and absolutely the ending.

Bari Bari Barsi :Josh ( Highlight:Babar & Gang & Mr.Javeds Violin)
Babar comes into action from the beginning of the song onwards and Mr. Javed sound reproduction of a woodwind instrument using a stringed one is great.

Chal Diyay : Zeb & Haniya featuring . Javed Bashir
When we talk about featuring anyone, we should expect that the featured person should be able to bring to the song the reason of being featured, and when the featured person is a classical vocalist, we can only expect melody and tune to be adhered to .The track with the slowest tempo yet Javeds technique of matching the raag takes away the slow pace right at the end.

Jo Meray:Noori ( Highlight: Rakaes Sitar & Hamzas vocals)
Talking about a rock song with a Sitaar in it is wonderful enough when one just talks about it. I always have considered Ali Noors vocals (which are angst filled) to bear the right kind of effect on their tracks. Hamza’s braking (mind you ,NOT breaking) vocals are a must listen in this one. {( and Rakae looks like the elder brother of Mekal Hasan ( the model)}

This is what Pakistani music is all about ,excellent music with looks that make you say marry me!

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Coke Studio Episode 2 and 3

I think episode 3 of Coke Studio Season 2 is really going to rock inside out.
Stellar performances are going to come out.
After Episode 2 I’ve come to terms with at least one thing, that the focus of this season is to make music which is
more deeper in it’s nuances rather than being in your face, like the first episode, no major guitar or drum solos , no
Gumby- Zeeshan sorta drum -turntable magic. When the realization of the fusion aspect absorbed into me in CS2
I have re-instated my love that grew from the first season.

I just loved the infectious ending to Zindagi by Atif and his style throughout the song, was fun to watch.
The violin, flute and the bass were awesome in Ali Zafars track Dastaan.

Here is to CS2 Episode 3 ! Next Sunday


Coke Studio 2

Oh My God!!

Coke Studio 2 is here, the dates are out , first episode on June 14th and I am mega excited, Atif and Noori will rock ( and I know the people who harbor envy for Atif will envy him more after the performance), I am writing this post just to let you that my dingle days will be delayed a little bit but still probably within the first week of next month, for all of those who are added on to my face book list, my status message will let you know when Dingle Days is up again.

Thanks for patronizing my blog despite of my irregular posts.


Fizz Studio

Coke is about to splash and bubble once again with Coke Studio 2,so you heard?
I’ve become an ardent fan ever since the first promos came up for the concept and have been following Coke Studio with religious fervor ever since.

This time they are going really going over the top and how happier can I be, with Atif being on the show. Atif is a real icon for me as he has really energized the whole music scene in Pakistan.

Someone who I’ll miss not being a part of Coke Studio 2 is Selina, from the Saba and Selina duo, she was ever smiling and always used to be grooving to the music, she brought in a cuter side to Coke Studio. Will Natasha be able to take her place? Only time will tell.

Among the house band last year, Gumby impressed me the most with his innovative drumming. His drums in Flute Jam, Mein chala, Gallan and Garaj Baras were just purely excellent.

Coke Studio-izing:

That’s what my facebook status says, I am doing. Since Zeb and Haniya are in the show, I’ve put their album on constant play in my car to familiarize myself with their tracks as to enjoy fully when they play in Coke Studio 2. The comment I would like to make on their album is that it is already COKE STUDIO ready, since two members of the house band ( Gumby and Mannu) have played on Chup (Zeb and Haniyas Album), the whole album seems to be a product of Coke Studio One.

Hats off to Coke for supporting the music scene in Pakistan when it needs it the most. An original and one-of-a-kind project, it simply as they say “rocks”.

Now speaking of things that “rock”, I would like you all to stop and ponder over music by Adil Salik, who makes music by the name of Dye Corduroy.

Check out this urdu track, “ Sab Jhoot Hai” , D/L the track here and while you are at it , you can check out this other brilliant track ,” kiya tum ho wohee”

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Awards 2008

Why wait for a specified date and all the buildup to know the winners of awards when you can know it all now,  I think I can be a credible authority with a valuable point of view on Pakistani music. I won’t be covering all the type of awards but rather select titles on which I believe are correct .Let us just  cut the introductory portion short and go ahead with them awards.

Best Album:
 Meri Kahani by Atif Aslam

Best Video:
Humsafar by Jami*

Some new (never seen before ) awards:

Best new song by an established artist:
Ujalon Mein by Mizraab** 

Best new song by a new artist:
Faasley by Siege ***

Biggest Disappointment:
Tabeer by Shafqat Amanat ali ****

Best Multi Artist Collaboration:
Yeh Hum Naheen  

Song Of The Year:
Garaj Baras by Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 



* This year has been marvelous when it comes to videos, be it Saqibs Aitebaar, Babars Paheliyan,Zeeshans Gallan,Bilals Hungami Halaat,The social issues depiction by Sohail Javedin Beqaraar and Abhi Abhi,Ahsan was the most prominent with 3 brilliant videos , Aag,Ek Baar and the ultra bold Laga Reh which is second if not equal to the winner Humsafar .

** the only other song which could compete with Mizraabs single was Nooris Do dil,Jals Chalte Chalte is a good effort too.

*** Now I wasn’t at all sure about this one and still am confused on which song is better Faasley or Paheliyan by Mauj.

**** Although I shouldn’t have written this album here before listening to it properly but from what I have head of the album it isn’t upto mark to what Shafqat could have done with his 
album. I would go more to say that Fuzons Journey is  better. 

I hope you enjoyed the award show this year and we look forward to see you next year with a more exciting show. With great albums lined up for release and with artists whom can’t go wrong ( Faakhir, Mauj, Kaavish,Ali Khan,Zameer,Call ) the albums are sure to deliver. Amen.

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Live Acts

If you love Pakistani Music do not forget to watch Azaadi Ki Aag on Aag Tv on 23rd March at 10:00 pm PST
The promos of the show look great and the performances seem that they are going to be very energetic.

From the glances it is evident that Atif and Ali Noor will be performing and they truly are great live performers
making the show as a not-to-be-missed one.

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Sherdil Episode 1

Here is a little review for the first episode for people who missed it.
Aijaz aslam is in a reminiscent about his military life, and has an visible facial injury on his right side.
New recruits are going to join in pretty soon and as it is the beginning ,the characters are just being introduced.

Let’s see how much further the story develops in the next episode as the character introduction isn’t complete yet.