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Music & Pakistan

Although I’ve been addicted to Pakistani music since the age of Vital Signs but in those days, acts were limited and the frequency of outstanding tracks were few and the least an artist would do was to release an album. Come the new age, where the younger breed started to enter the music in hordes and came to the forefront were a few talented people
whom started to breakthrough & started refreshing the music scene. What really keeps me hooked up Pakistani music day after day is (apart from the established artists or artists who no longer need to prove their mettle, these one hit wonders who release tracks with such good melodies /lyrics that stick to your head and
you’d be impressed too; someone who isn’t known at all can come out with such a track?

My Love for Music: Pakistani Artists To Thank.

If I take names Zuj,Faiza,Miraage , very few people would know them but these along with lots of other artists have come out with tracks which confuse one into thinking that they have been made by established artists, and these tracks have been made in such a way that they couldn’t have been ever made by anyone in the west. Why do I say that Pakistani musicians are the best in the world? Because not only are they masters of their own game but also they make music which equals or betters the western rock music.
Let me see that day when a Westerner is able to sing “Khamaj”,let alone make a “Khamaj”.

And through this browsing I found Dye Corduroy too , a facade for Adil Salik, that defies typical songwriting and guitar playing .

For me , i don’t think I ever need to go out the boundaries of Pakistani Music to satisfy my desire to listen to a vast range of musical styles because my musicians play it all.

p.s :This is my last post before May 31st , on which I’ll be finally updating with a fresh release of “Dingle Days” ,but will be frequenting this blog in between too.



I was looking over my blog stats the other day and found out a saddening measure.None of my posts related to
musical artists or songs were in top 10 reads.

From the work that is being done in the Pakistani music industry, we have artists who are worthy enough to get global
recognition but that is only possible if we are honest and faithful in promoting our own artists first which is not evident from the statistics on my blog.

And for people who comment on Pakistani Artists making songs written in English, well this is the way they can be understood by
people around the world, people have to understand the words in the song in order to connect ,otherwise the tune has to be ultra catchy.

So listen to the Paksitani bands and their music in english,it is better than you consider it to be. Here is an english track
by a very much Pakistani artist/band for you to listen to

Dye Corduroy