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I don’t know if this is good news or bad but what I am sure off is that the effects of it will
not be favorable rather predictable.

and the news is

Dingles have migrated to their own place on the web,leaving life manual ,the only (new) connection of Life Manual with (new) dingles would be a link on the blogroll šŸ˜€

Meet Dingles


I’ve been awarded

I really appreciate Saadat for his giving me an award for Dingle Days but it is rather unfortunate on my part that I cannot continue such an ingenious tag.

reasons are here mentioned below:


The awarding criterion requires a minimum of 7 awardees to be mentioned. Now, gettingĀ to mention 7 bloggers is not a hard task but to mention the reason for awarding is hard for meĀ thatā€™s only because thereĀ  is no specific reason why I visit random blogs or even for the people who are on my (outdated) blogroll. The general aspect for all the blogs I visit is thatĀ they are not boring and are able to produce interesting posts continually.

Ā Over the past month or so Iā€™ve found myself being more and more critical and I think that my future posts can very much be a reflection of my current mind state. Why have I become unhappy with how things are going? The reason is that I find unaccounted for blaming and degradation, it makes me want to lash back out at the critics. People who criticize Pakistan, itā€™s artists and more ,who are as much talented as their international counterparts but not given enough value for their worth.

Ā And finally after a long break,

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