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If you haven’t heard it already, hear this now,
Faraz anwar has made it to the final online voting stage for a competition based on guitaring skills , called Guitar Idol.His track is called autumn madness.
Most of you who are stuck with the post Junoon blues, probably don’teven know Faraz Anwar, well people please update yourself .Faraz Anwar is the “karta dharta” of Mizraab, who have one gem of a rock album by the name of Maazi,Haal,Mustaqbil .

Anyhow,lets get down to business and get to the point, please make Faraz Anwar win, and take him to the finals. Let’s make our disadvantages beneficial for us in this case ,our(over) population. The more the votes
the better for Faraz. Let’s bring Pakistan to the forefront.

GO to this website,register and vote for Faraz. He really needs it and so do WE !

There is only one way , the Faraz way


Ajnabi the video

If there is someone who I forgot to mention in the recently conducted awards of mine ,it was Faraz who would’ve strolled away with the breakthrough artist of the year. Now before I continue,please do not think that I am missing Aaishah Akram since she can ,after Hadiqa Kiani take Pakistani music forward for the females in the country.

Coming back to Faraz, I saw the video of Ajnabi and I was bowled over with the visuals so perfectectly accentuating the song.The video being aesthetically rich and the song being musically rich.These are the type of songs which make me say that the melody IS the most important part of a song.Listen to such type of songs and it makes you open your ears in order to catch the credits of the makers.
The acting is great and bravo to  Sohail for creating such a touching video, it pokes at the wound ,enticing you to reach for the bandages,as a recall for all of you ,Mr.Sohail was successful in creating a similar feeling with Aaishah Akrams Beqarar . Helpless women and dead soul men. Certainly takes the cake for being the best video from all the releases since January.

Catch the video here and let me know your thoughts about it.

Ajnabi by Faraz