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Eid Mub rayak?

Ramadan is over and so is the commercial aspect of quenching peoples wallet in the name of religion.
It’s simple, being in an Islamic country. Over the entire period in Ramadan, Sohour and Iftar buffets are regular offering in all types of food joints. The only Islamic thing in them are the names of the meals.
If it isn’t for corporate events, most people who attend these are people who are not even fasting. Instead of eating normal quantities, people tend to over eat (weight gain is very common in Ramadan due to this).
Most of the Sohours also are a showcase competition on how much skin can be exposed and limits pushed.
So what if the pubs can’t be frequented during Ramadan, we will ensure that the Ramadan tents will have the same atmosphere by our tobacco consumption through cigarettes and sheesha. Is there a direct relation with enclosed specialized gathering set-ups and sheesha?



First Day Ramadan

Saw two interesting things on the first day.
Some Koreans in a car with sun shades, newspapers and bags around them as to not to let anyone see them eating.
Second one involves a person while in rukoo, his agaal fell and dangled because of getting entangled with his ghatra you know what it reminded me of ?

A tire-swing

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