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Netherlands day 2

Day 2 and I have finally figured out why orange is so prominent of a color to represent the Netherlands.
It’s because of the kindness of the people here, also it is the color of their cheeks when blood rushes to it. Today I saw a stranger help the worker replacing trash bags out of the bins because she was struggling to open the bin door. I am sure he was orange!

Ended up walking a lot today, as I messed up the directions. An occurence that happens to me during every vacation 🙂


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Day 2 -Turkey Land

Good Morning, Same Hotel, breakfast time, free buffet breakfast part of the hotel stay charge.Went down to the have something, decorated nicely but the music which they were playing was kinda irritating. As I was having breakfast, it made me think what I was disliking more, the (free) hotel buffet or the 60’s music, that too poorly sung cover versions.
After that went to see the person who had done the booking for my hotel for the first day and met his staff too, one of which made a suggestion to marry this other single staff, saying that “the angel” was up for grabs.
Went up to my new hotel later (which was to be my place of stay for the next 6 days of my trip )and stayed there throughout the day, the room seemed suffocating at first because of the old furniture and little moving space but they had a balcony to cover up for that ,also,that balcony became the point from where I used to access the internet from an unlocked wi-fi signal.
This hotel had at least 3 english channels, and I actually got around watching the Tv, but there is only a limited tolerance in me for watching the news, and as the night got darker, my back seemed that it wanted to get itself straight for the next day.


Turkey Trip (day 1) Titled-Of Books and Covers

Immigration didn’t take much time and as soon as I reached the baggage counter I saw my bag coming out of the belt, nice experience.
Directly out of the airport and got the european feel which I was expecting, when the breeze hit me (refreshing).
The most striking bit was how the city was made , the road network isn’t even, different roads are at different heights from sea level. Imagine driving uphill/downhill on
a bike at 45 degree angles and try reverse parking in a manual transmission at the same angle.
Random Thought Here:Turks have great dress sense ( which was going to get a serious beating, stay tuned for a later post to get more on that)
1st day hotel was in in Nis(h)antas(h)i which is a posh area full of cafes ,although good in decor, had a slight problem in the shower. I couldn’t get the shower head to work and the tap below the shower gave out brown water, thankfully my stay in that hotel was just for one night. I went out to Cities shopping mall that day to find some interesting brands that were completely new for me, from what I remember there were seven levels in the mall but each level was compact.Didn’t have lunch there but headed out in search of Armani Cafe which was supposed to be in the same location of course had to ask many people to reach there (whoever said a man never asks for directions was so wrong), did arrive at a restaurant which I thought
was Armani Cafe, went in but the waiter verified that it was not Armani Cafe, although it was quite prestigious ,the food wasn’t something worth remembering as is the case with most high class restaurants and after dinner did what became a hobby of mine in Istanbul, getting lost.
If it wasn’t for Mr.Onur of Artpoint (who let his toddler and wife go away without him and offered me to drop to the hotel ) my first night in Istanbul wouldn’t have been pretty.
Reached the hotel and saw some tv but all channels were turkish, so decided to sleep.

End of Day 1


First Trip 2009- Lahore

With the Sharifs brothers supporters bringing down the businesses with their protests , I was doubting myself to travel to Pakistan, messaged my cousin in Lahore
whether it would be okay for me to come.He assured me that by my flight date businesses would be back to normal. And so I left, although the plane was not very comfortable but found someone with whom I spoke about Pakistani music and that made the flight seem shorter.

Anyhow,landed on time and was expecting a rush towards the immigration but to my surprise it was empty and I was cleared within 5 minutes (cool,ain’t it). The trip was enjoyable as I hung around my favorite HANG OUT STREET , M.M.Alam street. (Anyone and everyone who knows me needs no second thoughts on where to find me when I am in Lahore.)

Biggest surprise for me were the prices in Deepak Perwani, which were much in league with other known to be affordable designers i.e Junaid Jamshed,gonna get myself a pink kurta from Deepak next time ???

Anticipating March releases weren’t released namely MAUJ, Call so got Abbas Premjee :Elements,Inteha: Kehna Chahta Hoon, Fuzon: Saagar , Junoon : Deewar .(interesting mix?)

Although, I didn’t have much time,this time, the moral of the story is “DON’T EVER TRAVEL TO PAKISTAN FOR JUST ONE WEEK “.

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Road Trips

With the 5 working days week hanging on the noose of a mere announcement,I’ve decided to use my sacred extra day for
taking long drives across the country.Every week would be a different direction.This weekend I plan to drive up to the
Saudi Arabia border checkpost. I want to see whether looking at another country from the country feels any different (the
same act on a map doesn’t do anything).

Next direction would be to go to the north and then the south.  One point to be noted is that my drives would be up to the point where the paved roads end.

Wish me unpunctured tyres and many many wore  two day weekends to come.