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How unfair is this?

You have to pay extra for every topping or additional item you put in your meal, extra cheese etc,

but when you remove things ,say, lettuce from your burger, you’re still charged the regular price
instead of being charged less.

Staying on food:

My favourite Pizza outlet ; Sbarro is coming back to town!Sbarro opened it’s first and only outlet and closed it
during the 90’s in Qatar. The only thing I fear is that they could have changed their menu/recipe .

I really can’t wait till it opens, and then, I don’t even have to tell you where I am, when I say, “Iam eating out.”
Because the place will surely be Sbarro.

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Music Predicted

There has been no other debut album in Pakistan, so far, which earned a whole lot of respect for its makers than Saagar.

I felt this strangeness on the whole attention and critical acclaim given to Fuzons’ music with just one album.

More or less, the reason I think was Shafqat Amanat Ali .

But with news of a new singer replacing him, I feel an inevitable downturn in it’s popularity, and if such a thing happens then :

Shafqat Amanat Ali was he.