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The Next Big Thing.. Pakistani Music is undoubtedly MAUJ,with their already delayed album.

Everything about the band is so unconventional,if they keep on making songs like the ones which I have heard they could take over as the leading band in Pakistan.Khushfehmi, Khayaal, Dobara Awaaz do and more. So far,there is nothing with Mauj that I can pick out and say that I don’t like this part of their work I don’t like, that is how good I see them as.

(Although there is another band in Pakistan that has in my head taken the spot of being the best but that I will reveal some other day ).

But the thing I don’t understand about Mauj is their band members line-up.Ever changing.

Both Omran Shafique and Sikandar Mufti are part of Co-Ven too. How will they be able to shift here and there and thenthere is news that Omran will be playing on Ali Azmat’s new album too.If the co-ven,mauj start clashing , it will leave no good.

Could it be that Xulfi was to E.P and Call, what Omran Shafique is to Mauj and Co-ven. I liked E.P but when it broke look what’s left is call and so far I don’t have positive views about Call.Back to Mauj, Stay put Dudes, you have what it takes and I know that you,Mauj,can deliver big time.

Here is the link for you to go to and listen to songs by Mauj.

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Not this time

Dear readers and fellow bloggers,

Last year, before my exams I took a really lengthy blog break which destroyed my readership. The thick & thinners are still here though which is quite a good thing. Shifting my blog from blogspot to wordpress was another start of my blogging life and I hope to continue with it. There were many firsts on Life Manual, of me popping up my picutre on the -blog, the start of dingle days,me making phone calls-to the-blogger posts ( first successful receipient : GreenHead aka GH aka Greeno aka MAC) but otherwise a flop.

But one thing I haven’t done is explored more bloggers this year and seem to be contented with the ones I already read,I don’t know if it is a good or a bad thing.

I want to have more firsts on Life Manual which I believe will come as you continue the blogging journey with me.

No big break this time around (in terms of examinations that is)

This seems more of a good bye post rather than an affirmation post, doesn’t it?


Who is right?

Yesterdays class on financial management had a topic of Credit Sales. Among the lecture there came a question from the instructor, Is it a must to have credit sales?

The answer came as yes on which he said, it is not important, look at the hotel industry and the eateries, they don’t do credit.One boy said, yes they do.

Upon which the instructor disagreed. The instructor said that food given does not account for credit sales.

Maybe he isn’t aware of the volume of the credit lent by these small businesses on which they thrive.A marketplace area will have it’s workers going on to the eatery in their locality and will makeĀ  payments end of the month when they get their salaries. I myself have seen records being kept during the night by runners of a small cafeteria . Isn’t it “business” what the cafeteria owners are doing, isn’t the food items eaten by the consumers and not paid by them, recorded by the owners of the cafeteria, come under the category of credit sales?

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