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Hani Farhani

Mein samjha tumhein kaun aur nikla tu duja

Khoda pahar aur nikla chuha!


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Bade Leave

Today the 18th of May 2007 is the day I stop blogging for a definite period of time which ends, hopefully, first week of July. I will be on the blog to make very rare posts but I will stop visiting others blogs for the stipulated period.

Most of the readers of this blog know why I am taking this break but just to set the record straight, it is for my exams.
Although, as absurd as it is , Blogging takes 5-10 minutes at a maximum a post (for me) and has no connection with not being able to study.But nobody says that stupidity is non-existing.

I’ve not been able to even seriously start preparation which has started to give me the creeps now and a lot of time has been wasted in which I could have┬ácovered a major portion of atleast one subject.

So dear readers, commentors and new visitors, see you in a jiffy.



Why do the male vocals in Trance music sound like European homosexuals singing?

Got my hands on some Body Shop products, since a few days had the itch to spend some money over there had gone just beyond control. Got couple of soaps, a deo and a shampoo.

Itch isn’t cured yet though.

Now the itch to spend money has shifted for a meal at AppleBees closely followed by a one at Nandos.