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Abhi Abhi

Fariha Parvez is reviving her musical career it seems, her new song is a slow tempo track with soft vocals.

The video has been directed by Sohail Javed and he has shown a very common social problem: philandering husbands ( or to put it n this way, rich philandering husbands). Fahad Mustafa plays the husband.

The video also brings forward a strong willed woman, who can go on alone, stand by her own self and not
be on the mercy of the husband.Up until today, women have been at the mercy of their husbands who would abuse them and so forth. Women didn’t have a choice, Kudos to Sohail Javed for bringing forward such a woman in the video.

A mans Ego is also depicted in the form that once the wife is leaving, he doesn’t fall down on his knees and
doesn’t do anything to stop his wife. Unbreakable ego..

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