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A New Beginning

1.Tired of reaching home and finding an indian channel on the tele,family members with indian songs as ringtones on their
cellphones. Does it make you think how Indian-ized our lives have become?

2.Reeling with under confidence from broken english being unable to speak your mind without errors.

3.Want to show the world that their generic Pakistani person is not a reality.

4. Are a citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan ,living in Qatar, aged in the group 15-25.

If you satisfy point 4 and 2 other points above , you are most welcome to get yourself registered by
leaving me a comment on this blog and I shall e-mail you back your confirmation.

Register to what?

This is an invitation for a physical permanent discussion forum with the first discussion session planned in June.
Venue and other information will be delivered over e-mail.

Entry to the forum will only be open to Pakistanis and will only be possible through presentation of identification.Both males and females are encouraged to apply.

p.s With point no.1 I do not mean that you stop watching indian songs,dramas etc. Go ahead watch them freely,but do not
ignore your own.

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Live Acts

If you love Pakistani Music do not forget to watch Azaadi Ki Aag on Aag Tv on 23rd March at 10:00 pm PST
The promos of the show look great and the performances seem that they are going to be very energetic.

From the glances it is evident that Atif and Ali Noor will be performing and they truly are great live performers
making the show as a not-to-be-missed one.