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Eid Festival

The school where I studied, Pakistan Education Centre (PEC,for short) holds an event known as Eid Festival once annually, it lasts for two days.

Lots of people flock over there with stalls of homemade Pakistani foods like biryani, cholay, kababs taking the most space collectively.Shezan, a popular restuarant with the Pakistani community also takes a stall every year and gets the most business out of all the others because we like to eat so much.

It is quite amazing to see people you haven’t seen in ages and makes  you wonder ” WOW,this guy is still is in Qatar” and meet them too if you like.Just as if it is a “LIVE ORKUT”.

But what is the most amusing is the myriad of wanna be cool guys that frequent the PEC festival. Boys in suits, rappers gear and what not. It is best to go, take a chair in the corner ,grab a bite and observe.You’ll come out entertained.

The Eid Festival had it’s second day today.

Speaking of Pakistanis loving to eat, today, I had 3 large Pizza slices and 4 Kfc chicken pieces in Lunch, with 2 glasses of Pepsi, beat that!

Also had another soft drink in dinner,it is after a very long time that I consumed this much of soft drinks per day.The most I have had of a soft drink in a day was 2.25 litres of Coke. (this can be beaten,I think)

Next Post: Dingle Days.

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I am Innocent

    With due respect to all the people and the profession itself.





    Such a powerful word.

The extremes of this word (+ ive & – ive) put the entire general public in despair.


But today I want to talk about the Law in the courtroom.

Very subjective it is.


You didn’t commit a crime & you are accused but you didn’t get a good lawyer. The opposition on the other side has got a really good lawyer. The judge gets convinced that you committed the crime and you end up behind bars.


I don’t like it,  how can competency of a lawyer be the determinant of your fate.


2. Why does a judge give different sentences for the same crime?



3.Never should a person who commits a big crime that is murder,  rape etc be released from prison because if he can do it once,  he can definitely do it twice.


People of the Law: Salute.

(Not being sarcastic here!)






The favourite past time of the Qataris is do you know what?

Driving around in circles (creating a considerable amount of delay in the other motorists schedules) .Qataris cannot stay indoors & this being their nature makes others helpless.

I really want to go to Pakistan for a quick break relieve my mind of the daily grind.So if it works out i’ll inform the requisite bloggers { I want to see what a blogger meet-up turns out to be like.( Never been to one you see).}

And where have the bloggers using gmail gone?(have they taken to the streets too?)