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Life is better handled, prepared.


3 Friends.

There were 3 friends.
Me, Friend (??) and Friend 1.
Friend 1 had named ourselves the 3Ms.

M stands for mathematicians.
Since our skills with mathematics was nothing to brag about.
{So 3 mathematicians would be the full form of 3Ms which in its full form is nothing less than original but in its short form infringes with the copyrights of 3M (the maker of the POST –IT NOTES)}.

Anyhow, what a friendship it was.
It was a friendship which really came to light after high school. I had known Friend 1 since grade 8th and befriended the friend (??) in high school. Friend 1 and friend (??) were friends from 8th or 9th grade, due to their common passion for cricket and were in very minute ways family friends.

Since after high school with no considerable option for studying in Qatar, Friend 1 left for Karachi, Pakistan for continuing his studies. Friend (??) and me stayed.
Friend (??) had gotten a driving license and was driving. He would do the picking up and dropping back whenever we used to hang out for which I am utterly grateful for.

Anyhow, friend 1 would come every year and the 3Ms would hang about together.

We had among ourselves eating rituals every time friend 1 would visit.For his stay of a month we would have to have at least once the following items.

Kfcs ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT lunch.
Pizza Huts SuperSupreme Pizza
Tcbys’ Chocolate Yoghurt ( with chocolate chips topping)
Dairy Queens large chocolate milkshake.
No trip of his would have been complete without us having the above mentioned items.

We would sing songs in the car mostly Vital Signs and the 90’s movie songs.

Those were the days.

Friend (??) and me had a rift once and he commented that once something happens to a friendship it can never be brought back together like before. If friend 1 wasn’t here during those days we would have never talked ever again but friend (??) was right, things never did come back to what they used to be.

Friend 1 left for the States, and there are lots of things which have accumulated that I want to share with him and chatting to him on the internet for 5 minutes after 2 weeks doesn’t help either.

Friend (??) has his own set of friends now and if I don’t go and meet him he can easily be absent for a month before showing up.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I said 3Ms are a has-been.


News Break

This just in….

Hani Farhani didn’t know that the place he went to for an exile is given a “real” prison feel with a caged cell (and that too a completely empty one .. talk about exile) plus a free photo.

Me being the only known relation of Hani Farhani was sent his photo in his own private cell.
(no complaining because thats exactly what he wanted…Exile)

I know,this picture could have been better but the last thing the jail authorities have in mind is to take a “cool” picture.


The Death Of Self

I had given you the DR.s take on my name who shares his name with me.
But I will tell you the meaning of my name from my side.The meaning which I grew up with and that is Celebration=Hani.

Farhan = Happy
Or Saeed would also be Happy
But Hani wouldn’t.

Since Dr.Hani isn’t that fluent with English and he told me the meaning in English, I suppose he wanted to say Celebration.

Hani is a derivative of the word “Tahnia” meaning greeting.
Now you decide the rest.

Oh by the way I have some bad news.
Hani Farhani went on a lifelong exile.Due to the utter rejection of Dingle Days.


Mayya Asks.

What is the meaning of my name?

Hani is someone who is happy.
(This meaning I asked from the GP I visit Dr.Hani, on what his name meant)
Arif means “to know”.
So Hani Arif would mean someone who knows how to be happy.
Although Hani is a very rare name in Pakistan, it is just as common in Egypt.
In primary school, my nickname among my class fellows (non friends) used to be Honey Bee because the first thing people not familiar with the name get in their minds is honey.
How did I get the inspiration for Dingle Days?
There was no inspiration for me to create Dingle Days.
I didn’t even know I would end up making comic strips.

How it started?

One day while studying for my one of my exam papers last year, out of no where the narration of the first Dingle Days popped up. (Shows how much I focus on my studies!!!). Along with the popping up of the narration another popping up came forward and that was what to do with it. At that very instant somehow I had an idea for the comic strip. But how was I supposed to draw the characters, my drawing being really childlike made me decide against drawing it. Thinking if I was to make it on computer how would I be able to create a character. The most favored option came of the Dingle. I would be able to replicate Dingles without any problem. And since the Dingle were the creatures of choice, hence the name Dingle Days.
I wasn’t totally satisfied with having Dingles, because I didn’t create Dingles myself.
I was afraid it wouldn’t be original. But as far as I’ve looked, I haven’t seen any other comic strip which uses Dingles.

And guess what?? I managed to pass in that paper too.

Next Post: Dingle Days
For the first time in Punjabi.
My condolences to my non-punjabi readers .
Another First for Dingle Days… Hani Farhani.



I have been around the blogging world for quite some time and one aspect of me that of,”What I look like” has been put out in the open.
Similarly, some questions might have arisen in you about me and this post I would like to dedicate to those questions (if any?)

So if there are any questions that you want to ask about me,feel free to do so.
Answers will be answered as per my discretion.
And some answers(if applicable) will come in the form of separate posts.

With my body Armour intact, may I say…

Ready,Get Set,Fire!